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About Key Physicians


Welcome to Key Physicians, the central point for your healthcare. Key Physicians is a community-based group of medical professionals dedicated to the highest-quality care delivered at optimum value.

Based on the concepts of Patient Centered Medical Home, Key brings together over 170 primary care physicians, with specialists, urgent care centers, and hospitals to deliver a coordinated and collaborative experience for our members.

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What does it mean to be a patient in the Key Physicians network?

Healthcare in the United States is changing, and its about time. The cost and quality of care in general across the country have been at odds with one another:  the cost has been increasing while access to the highest-quality care has been decreasing. That’s why networks like Key Physicians are growing and gaining success and popularity with patients and physicians alike.

This new concept in healthcare – called “Patient Centered Medical Home” – puts the patient in the center of healthcare. Your primary care physician – a member of the Key Physicians network – acts as your “care manager,” coordinating referrals to specialists, treatment plans, and transitions of care. In addition, the Key network employs dedicated patient care advocates dedicated to helping you stay healthy and best manage any chronic conditions.

The benefits of the Key Physicians network for patients include:

  • Better care collaboration:  Key Physician’s~300 clinicians partner with specialists and urgent care centers across the Triangle to ensure a consistent flow of information between the physicians you see. Collaboration between physicians is just part of the patient care experience, helping ensure your physicians always have the complete picture of your health.
  • A true partnership with your physician:  Traditional models of patient care are called “episodic” – meaning you interact with your physician when you are sick or need care. They Key model of patient care utilized patient care advocates to help patients manage their health on an ongoing basis. Good health is not the time between doctors’ visits, it is a way of life.
  • Enhanced access to after-hours care:  Local urgent care centers (UCs) are now Key Physicians partners, working together with your primary care physicians to provide you with the best care possible. Avoid trips to the emergency room, and choose these urgent care centers for both quality care and the confidence that the information about your UC visit will flow back to your physician.
  • More accurate, timely care management through technology:  Key’s physicians use secure technology solutions like Electronic Health Records, e-Prescribing, and Electronic Referrals to better manage your care. Because your records are stored securely online with your physician, they are always up-to-date, complete, and accessible when needed.
  • More choice:  Key Physicians is an independent organization, not affiliated with any hospitals or health systems. Called an “open network,” this means you get to choose your physicians giving you more control over your care.

As a member of the Key Physicians network, you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality of care throughout our organization.