The Importance of Staying Well


Wellness isn’t just something that happens. It isn’t luck, or “good genes.” Wellness is a state of health that everyone is accountable for, and should participate in on a daily basis. Healthy eating, regular physician check-ups, medication adherence, and monitoring and management of illness are all part of your ongoing everyday health and wellness.

Cary Healthcare Associates

And wellness is critical to the concept of Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). Patient Centered Medical Home networks are different than traditional physician models, which are based on treating episodic care. Meaning, when you are sick you go to the doctor and get treated.

PCMH networks like Key Physicians believe in the value of prevention, in maintaining good health and wellness in their patients. In addition, PCMH networks focus on monitoring and managing chronically ill populations, like those suffering from conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Key Physicians employs critical “patient care advocates” – clinicians focused solely on helping to manage the health of the patients in the network. Health reminders, follow-up calls, and adherence checks are all services that your Key physician provides to patients at no extra charge. By proactively reaching out to patients on a regular basis, these physicians and patient care advocates work with patients to achieve a higher level of population wellness.

Talk with your Key physician today about how you can be a proactive member of your health management team.